10 November 2008

Why we should not listen to Eklund. Evar.

In his top 25 players most likely to be traded before the deadline on 3/4, he included:

Mark Savard
Kare Lehtonen
Oli Jokinen ( A UFA after next season)

And there's a few other guys I've never even heard of b/c I think he botched the spelling so bad. Now listen. I realise that in the haste to be the one to get the scoop (although, seriously, what fucking scoop on who'll be traded by the deadline?), one might not pay a lot of attention to one's spelling and grammar. But you know what? Make a fucking effort. Who the fuck is Mark Savard? And Kare? KARE? Even when his name is shortened, it's still not said KARE. It's said KAR YOU JERKOFF. Poor Twitch didn't even GET a first name!

In summation, hockey rumourists are jerks and can all kiss my ass. Unless they learn how to spell names and what the proper useage of "a" and "an" is. In which case I will consider listening to their rumours before pretentiously discounting them all as rubbish.

Carry on.

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