19 December 2008

How to recognise your psychic talents

We won one, we lost one, I have some great pictures, but I'll put them up later b/c they're on another computer. MOVING ON!

SO! Here is how you can easily recognise your psychic talents. I will use mine for illustration.

Last night, I made this change to my starting lineup for Saturday night:

Yeah, I did it! I benched Miller in favour of Lehtonen. BECAUSE I JUST HAD A FEELING.  And this, if nothing else, should teach you that you always obey your gut. BECAUSE IT TURNS OUT I WAS probably RIGHT, BITCHES:
There are two goalies at the Thrashers’ practice today, and neither is Ondrej Pavelec. Kari Lehtonen hasn’t played since October but might be able to play Saturday against Tampa Bay, and NHL teams don’t carry three goalies.
I will say nothing further for fear of jinxing anything.

Love you Karppa! Hoping you play.