10 December 2008

Joey Crabb you're a rockstar!

Joey! Congratulations on your first NHL goal! That's awesome buddy! Video and photos to be posted as soon as available! WELCOME TO THE NHL JOEY CRABS! And big ups also to Oystrick, who henceforth I shall refer to as Oyster, because COME ON! But big ups to Oyster, who got his first NHL point on the same goal on a gorgeous pass that in the old NHL woulda been called on a 2 line pass! Suh-weet! Bring up more of the Chicago boys! They know how to play together!

And this isn't the goal, but here's Joey about to celebrate his first NHL goal with Slater and Enstrom.

I LOVE the look on the face of the Ranger whose name I can't be bothered to learn. Also, peeking ref!

And check this out! Didj'y'all see this going in tonight? How cool is this! Winter Classic in Blueland, haha!

Photo by Scott Cunningham, courtesy Getty Images

Do you think they could keep Turner Field frozen long enough to practice on and play? More importantly, do you think anyone would actually GO?

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