21 December 2008

12.20.08 v TBL: Photos (+6), videos (+2)

Interview #1
(ps: seriously, can someone please fire Natalie Taylor? Can you seriously tell me she the BEST they can find in Atlanta? OMFG, she's worse than Kathryn Tappen and that's saying a LOT):

Kari's highlights, and his try for the empty net goal that ALMOST backfired:

Perrin scores!
Rease plays goal


pkwaldrop said...

Why they ever got rid of Jon Kincaide for that role is beyond me.

Maali said...

Because he doesn't fit the demographics anymore. CAN'T THEY GET A BROTHER TO DO IT?!

icebox42 said...

I don't like her either.
Did you see her frown after the thorburn interview? I don't like seeing someone interviewing a player all happy/smiley and then just frown right after..

Going Five Hole said...

she sounds like she's reading off cue cards

Arkasha said...

Natalie Taylor is ridiculous. Probably the most ridiculous thing the Thrashers have done all year and THAT is saying something. She grins like a Cheshire cat and just, in general, embarrasses all serious female journalists. Half the time she looks like she wants to lift up her shirt and give them a show. The rest of the time she looks like a ditzy moron flirting with a guy at a bar during Happy Hour. It's embarrassing and idiotic.

Maali said...

I know. She is so overdramatic, I want to punch her in her perky little face. Why do I get the feeling they told her she wasn't quite good enough a skater to be an ice girl, so they gave her this job?