13 June 2009

2008-09 Team Slogans: CBJ

Here at FWH, in an effort to actually have something to write about, I'll be doing these posts on the fucking retarded occasionally witty slogans teams come up with each season, focusing specifically on those used in the 08-09 season. Today's victim team is the Columbus Blue Jackets. Have you seen the commercial for the Jackets (they don't like to be called the BJs anymore, and I'm making a New Year's Resolution to be a little nicer. Usually I resolve to do things I know I can accomplish -- like, smoke more. Drink more. Flirt inappropriately. So we'll see how long this "nice" thing lasts.)? Probably not if you didn't have Centre Ice and didn't manage to catch a game your team played there (I refuse to acknowledge that team actually has fans)(that resolution didn't last too long eh?). Here it is, just in case you missed it:

In that context, I SUPPOSE their slogan -- "Carry the Flag!" -- kiiiiind of makes sense. They better've given out free car flags and house flags and little strips of flags like you have hanging up in a bar, cept there's beer logos on those? Yeah. Lots of flag giveaways, I'm hoping. Because otherwise, unless "carry the flag" is some weird local colloquialism for "kick some ass and win some hockey," that doesn't make a damned bit of sense. Are they just asking their fans to show some pride in the team? Rep the Jackets (see I resisted there too!)? Let the world know they have fans (........... waiiiiiiting.............. waaaaaaaaaiting.......)? That's really the only translation I've gotten out of that slogan.

Grade: B-: average. They took something too pathetic to say, spun it, made it cutesy, made a cute commercial, catchy jingle, and hopfeully gave some shit away. They told the truth and they worked it a little.

The only other slogans I can think of off the top of my head arethe Caps' Rock the Red, the Thrashers' Become One in Blueland, and the Bruins' We Want It as Bad as You Do. Discussions on those two will come later, but in the meantime, if you know the one for any other team, please do comment with it.


Wayne from AL said...

I've always hated the Thrashers' "Blueland" marketing campaign. Blueland...isn't that where you'd expect to find the ghosts of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Billie Holliday? Besides, wouldn't that be more appropriate for the St. Louis Blahs?

Maali said...

Yet an accurate name of Thrashers Nation since we're always blue over their performance....

Mortimer Peacock said...


Welcome back, we've all missed you. Love the new design.

Also: "Blueland" is an absurd name. I wish I could change the name of my own blog; it's horrible.

Maali said...

O haaaaaai! Well you know. It's a new year (I go by the NHL calendar), new design, new plans and shit. And this is precisely why I picked a title of ambiguous hockey terminology! And I bet y'all think of my blog every time someone says fire wagon during a game!


Good to be back, thanks.