25 July 2009

Laminotomy FTW!

Is it wrong to be happy to hear Kari had back surgery? I only ask cause, having been there myself, I know from first-hand experience that once you have the surgery, the pain is gone. So now Mr Lehtonen is pain-free, and all he has to worry about, providing he doesn't herniate any more disks, is to take care to let his incision wound heal, and allow the affected muscles to heal from being parted. Seriously, no pain. Greatest surgery ever. Surgery so nice I had it twice, so here's to hoping Kari doesn't face that same fate. And here's to hoping he's ready for training camp and opening night. Can't start the season without the franchise (/-leading) goaltender.

Get well, Karppa. I feel your... sudden lack of pain.

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