25 September 2009

Wait, what?

OK, so, I have no idea on the accuracy of this, but I just got a Google Alert that Moose JUST signed a multi-year contract extension. You can read the "article" here. Can't find a single thing anywhere else on Google about it so either this random person knows something the rest of the world does not yet, or it's bullshit.

Also, thanks to Mathieu Schneider Count von Count, I stand corrected on my previous post about how many goalies are competing for 2 spots. There are not four, not five, but six! Six goalies, mwahahahaha. Given that the Thrash have about 0 national exposure during pre-season, I hope my error can be forgiven. Mea culpa.

Ummmm. Yeah I don't have much else for you. Hope everyone's staying dry.

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