16 November 2009

Bruins Game Day Posters

Before I get to the posters - NO ONE FREAK OUT. I changed my nom de plume to match what I use every other damned place so I'm not so confused. Props and love to whomever knows to what my name refers. I STILL LOVE KARI THOUGH, OK? And for those who always wondered? Maalivahti means 'goaltender' in Finnish. 

So I found this guy on eBay who's selling AWESOME Bruins game-day photos. I think you should go check him out, because these are the hockey world version of the old Fillmore West Janis Joplin posters. Yeah that was a stretch, but I made it work! And no, I'm not that fucking old. But I had one in high school and thought it was the coolest thing EVAR. Shut up.

Here's an example to whet your desires:

Click and go buy yourself some memorabilia! You know you want to.

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