20 November 2009


In a beautiful win by the Bruins over the (division) 1st place Sabres, Milan Lucic [ME-lahn LOO-cheech. Idiots. I'm going to make a bingo card out of all the ways people say his last name wrong. All time favourite is still "Luke-itch."] scored such a pretty, pretty goal. Might be my favourite play of the season. Some Sabre shot the puck, Rask made a pad save, it made its way through a few Sabres, then Byron Bitz poke-checked it, used his loooong stride and quickly skated into the offencive zone with it, sending a sillllly pass beneath some other Sabre's stick to Looch, who just tapped it in.

LOL: Bitzy's face, and the 2 Sabres fans w/the crossed arms.

Tuukka Rask got his first assist in the NHL (his comment on that: "... I did? Really? Huh, I had no idea. I guess I made a save or something."), and Milan Lucic got his first goal of the season. As well as some AWESOME hits on various Sabres - the hurt he put on Tallinder in in the first comes to mind.

I have to collect my thoughts on this game, but bullet points. Some for laaaaater:
  • Pominville taking Z's slapshot in the shin from 15'
  • Blake Wheeler hunting a goal like his life is on the line
  • Tuukka Rask's catch-and-hold
  • Marc Savard's press-box attire
  • "When Marc Recchi entered the NHL, Tyler Myers was... not even a fetus!"
  • The B's jump in the 2nd
  • Rask commenting that it was "kind of slow" for him in the 3rd. Dude, what? The 2nd wasn't?
  • Milan Lucic and Byron Bitz - switch out Begin for Savard? 
  • Jack Edwards' lessons in physics
  • Jack Edwards getting nailed in the balls by a water balloon. Thrown by Mike Milbury. I KNOW!
Oh, yeah. If you're playing a "4 point game" and the game goes to OT? YOU CAN NOT CONTINUE REFERRING TO IT AS A FOUR POINT GAME BECAUSE THE OTHER TEAM GOT A POINT. RETARDS.

Photo courtesy Getty. You can click it. It gets bigger. (That's what she said.)

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