13 February 2010

Lehtonen says the trade "was a big shock"

Found this on a blog called Defending Big D. I'm not surprised it was a shock to Kari that he'd been traded, particularly considering how GMs are more and more likely to treat their players as no more than commodities, not people. That said, the rest of his quotes were particularly positive, and here's to hoping he really does well in Dallas. Side note, he will not be appearing in the green and gold (green and black? I have no idea.) until after the Olympic break.

"It's a big opportunity for me. I had some rough times in Atlanta and some good times. Now I can start with a clean sheet and I just have to do well and play well. That's what I believe I can give."
"I had a feeling something might happen in Atlanta. I didn't know who of the three goalies in Atlanta it might be, but when it happened yesterday it was quite a big shock," he said. "I am really happy right now and I am grateful to the Stars that they want to give me a chance."
On the health of his back:
"It's been good. The last few weeks have been great and I didn't have any issues when I went on my conditioning stint in the minors. I had no issues with my back, so that made me very happy. It's a relief that it finally feels good."
"The last two years I've battling with this back issue and hopefully now it's behind me. It's something that I can't worry too much, because if I start thinking about if something is going to happen, I'm not focusing on the right things like stopping the puck."
Onnea, Kärppä, ja onnittelut. Minä rakastan sinua!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure the 6 goals Lehtonen gave up today was somehow the Thrashers fault.