05 April 2010

O hai, I have a blog....

Sorry. Some personal crises been goin' on lately. I'm sure all 12 of my faithful readers missed me. My bad.

So much shit has happened in Bruins hockey. And also there was Olympics! How is Matt Cooke still playing hockey? How did Mark Stuart get a skin infection on his hand? Did you know Patrice Bergeron is one of Boston's Sexiest People? David Krejci is smirky that the "Euro Line" is kicking ass. I would be too if I had his point spread across the past 12 games. What's he at now, like 19? 21? Milan Lucic found his game again. Marc Savard is so sorely missed. Tuukka Rask has proven to be awesome (and hasn't thrown a milk crate in over a year!). And the Bruins are playing in my local area tonight. A game I can not watch because DirecTV and Comcast hate each other. It didn't occur to me to try and go see practice until well after noon.

Someone said to me the other night, hey, just remember what RJ Umberger said about the Caps. I hadn't heard what he said in the first place, so that got me nowhere, but apparently he said, if you play a defencive game against the Caps, you'll win. Shut down their O, their goaltending can't hold up, and Mike Green is only one guy. That's great, and I totally paraphrased there, but um. The Bruins have 3 defencemen right now with any experience. Four if you count Tuukka (which really, we probably should). Except Johnny Boychuk is still a rookie, and Dennis Wideman - I preface this by saying I love Dennis as a player, when he's playing well - seems to have forgotten how to play defence half the bobbles too many passes. That leaves Z. The man is Hercules, but tonight and Sunday against the Caps with no glimmer of returning-defenceman-hope, the guy's going to be putting up 30 minutes a night easy. I'm exhausted just thinking about that.

The bottom line here is, the B's have to win both games against the Caps (and the other two they've got until the regular season ends) to keep hockey going. Is that the NESN slogan? No wait, that's keep something alive. Whatever. But the next 4 are pretty much must-wins, and no one likes to be facing that. And there isn't really much blame to be laid here, not individually. Injuries ruined the hopes we all had in September -- it'd be easier to count the games when there were no injuries, than count the man-games lost to injury. I think there were 4. It's a painful reality to accept, but accept it everyone must - from the players to the fans to management to the coaching staff. Do or die time, guys.

And here, have a photo of Tuukka and Stu pretending they're BFD. Hah, I made a double-entendre. Picture snagged off the B's site

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