28 September 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

Hello again friends and readers! Today's post is brought to you by my virgin mobile phone (unlimited web and texting - $25/mo!). So sadly, no amazing pictures for you. I just wanted to drop in and say hi, and tell you I haven't forgotten about you (or my blog) but with no internet acess it's hard to be on the cutting edge of the blogosphere. But it matters not, as time still marches on and teams are getting ready to drop the puck on the 2010-11 season. Not that I'll get to see much of it, as we don't have cable either. Believe me when I tell you I'm mourning the loss of these two 21st century necessities.

I do have a few little tidbits for you. As it's late September, Kari Lehtonen has stuck to schedule and again injured his groin in his first preseason game. As always, get well soon Karppa!

In light of my inability to maintain the timeliness of my blog, I invite you to visit BFF blog: http://wisdomoflaich.blogspot.com It has teh fnny!

Until next time.

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