30 November 2010

Matt Hunwick: Goodbye to you!

Today we awaken to a world where Matt "Munch" Hunwick is no longer a Bruin. For this, dear friends, I do not shed a tear. Don't get me wrong, Munch is a cutie:

But in hockey, cute only goes so far. He was always on the rush, generally beating the forwards to the crease, but with little to show for it. In 164 games in the NHL, he has 13G and 32A for 45P, along with 76 PIMs and 150 SOG.I know, I know. You can't look at a defenceman's numbers and say how good or bad he is, except for the hits numbers, which NHL.com either stops counting or I forgot how to find them. But let's celebrate Munch for a few moments because as his quote on leaving the B's was:

“It’s an Original Six team with great fans,” he said. “I grew up watching the Bruins. Growing up in Michigan I had a chance to watch the Bruins on Hockey Night in Canada, and from the time I was drafted until today, I’ve loved every minute of being a part of this organization.

“It’s been great. The city is phenomenal and I love living downtown. It’s been a great experience overall, and that’s what makes it so disappointing.”

Oh Munch. I have the snifflies now. Here's a few pictures of him to celebrate his time with the B's.

But let's be honest. This hippie will probably be better off in Denver with his university BFF Kevin Porter.

Seeya, Munch.

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