22 September 2007

Lehts update and miscellaneous Thrash talk

3 - 2

According to everything being said, Kari's "injury" is less injury, more precaution. A small strain rather than a full-on pull. This is amazingly good news for all Thrasher fans. We here at FireWagon had a flashback to the beginning of the 05-06 season upon hearing about this. We were unable to reach Kari for comment, and will shamlessly steal the AJC's quote:
I felt normal, no pain or anything like that. I really wanted to stay for the full practice, but I think those guys know best. It's better to take it easy the first time and get ready to go full speed.
Tonight is the Thrashers' first home game of the season. Everyone is counting down to the real opening night on the 5th (13 days), but a home game is a home game. We won't complain about the show not being on TV, superstats are keeping us company on this lovely fall evening.

Seems almost a shame Moose had to take over the reins for Lehts - it's Finn goalie night for the Blues, who played Juuso Riksman, formerly of Helsinki's IFK program, and Hannu Toivonen, most recently of the Bruins (via Providence). Riks was switched out for Piglet halfway through the 2nd, so it looks as if the Blues are playing the 2 netminders straight and even. Moose has stayed in for both periods so far (posting 20 saves on 22 shots), and will probably play the whole game since that seems to be Hartley's gameplan for the pre-season.

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Hossa has put up both Thrasher goals up to this point, with assists coming from Perrin and Havelid - both names you can expect to see regularly on the score sheet.

Also worth noting are Perrin and White's FO stats, both notching well over 50% on FOW. Both are great signings for the team for this alone, and helping solidify the Thrash up the middle. If only our blueline were as solid.

Random prediction of the day
Eastern Conference Final: Penguins/Thrashers, with Pens having HIA.

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