23 September 2007

Quote of the week from Hartley

God we love when a coach is eloquent and well spoken. A man of the people, one who doesn't mix metaphors or misuse similies...

"I want to see an attitude. The patty-cake is over. Romper Room is not in Atlanta," Hartley said.
Right on, coach.

Seven more cuts were made today, bringing the current roster to 29. Hartley's said he intends on carrying a 22-man roster this season. That begs the question, will he reduce to 22 for opening night and carry Rucchin on IR, thus making an additional cut in January? Considering it would be irresponsible and foolish to carry a 21-active-man roster, we're assuming this would be the case. How much would you hate to be the guy who knows he's getting sent down in four months? But this also leaves it open for Hartley to bump the roster to the limit of 23 once Rucchin returns. Interesting possibility.

Lehtonen hit the ice yesterday morning for open practice at the Lightbulb. This is excellent news! Makes one wonder if the press (us included!) was leaning a bit heavily on the panic button upon hearing Lehts had a twinge in the groin.

And here's a pretty good video from yesterday, just of Lehts turning away a few shots. Thanks to maestrothegreat for posting it. (1.62m/00:20)

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