26 September 2007

Thrash win in shootout; Downie v Mac

2 - 3

Thrash win in the shootout on a goal by Kovy, his first goal of the pre-season. Heddy made 28 stops in the win. That's all you really need to know.

Who ISN'T talking about Downie's hit on Mac last night? It's everywhere. We're no exception - it would be irresponsible journalism to ignore it. And let's face it. Who's surprised the first controversial story of the season has Steve Downie's name attached to it? No one who's followed the OHL for any length of time, that's for sure.

The current word is, Mac is OK as of right now, which is great news. What Downie's fate is remains to be determined. On the one hand, he could have guaranteed himself a spot on the Filthy, I mean, Philly lineup for his play harkening back to the days of the Broad Street Bullies. On the other hand, he could have also signed his own death warrant, as not only has Brian McGrattan publicly made promises of retribution, but one of Downie's own teammates, Jason Smith, is friends with Mac. Do you really want to piss off a guy called "Gator?"

Is this another Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi incident? Or maybe a Saku Koivu/Colby Armstrong one? Whether intentional or unintentional, whether he meant to only finish his check or cause harm as payback for hits he received, Downie has pretty much guaranteed himself a suspension. And it will come as no surprise whatsoever should the guys in the War Room up in Toronto begin revising the rulebook, and possibly making changes as a result of this.

Leaving your feet to hit someone is unacceptable, and it's bush league. It has no place in the NHL, and in our opinion, should carry an automatic 5 game suspension minimum, with time added for the severity of the infraction.

Either way, Steve Downie is a jackass, and a borderline dirty player. He should fit in perfectly in Philly.

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