26 September 2007

It's about god-damned time!

We here at FWH have a few favourite players we follow regularly, and have for a long time. One of those players is Harvard graduate and New York Rangers draftee, Dominic Moore. Yes, brother of Steve Moore, who was made infamous by "The Bertuzzi Incident." We follow Steve too, but there's not a lot of story to follow there.

Last season at the trade deadline, Dom was sent packing from the Pens to the Wild. He was played 4 games, including the best of his career, then was benched for the duration of the season and the playoffs. You'll note that the last game he played was his first in Vancouver since The Incident, his first visit to the city and to GM Place since his brother's career was ended. Understandably, it was a difficult game for him. Seems that's not something his coach took into consideration.

Wild camp has been a raging success for Dom this year. This article from the Minny Star Trib proves our point that Dom is a man you want on your team, if not on your top 2 lines:

Moore getting plenty of positive feedback

Last update: September 25, 2007 – 10:38 PM

After being pushed aside late last season, Wild center Dominic Moore could be earning a significant role this season.

Coach Jacques Lemaire has been delighted with Moore's training camp, in particular his inspired play during Monday's 2-1 victory against the Buffalo Sabres.

"He's doing something," said Lemaire, who scratched Moore in all five playoff games and seven of the final 11 regular-season games last year. "His vision is good, he gets the puck, he makes some plays. When it's time to drive at the net, he drove. When it's time to support the guys, he did. Defensive zone, he wasn't responsible for any chances against. It was an all-around game.

"[Last year], we didn't see passes, we didn't see as great of a defensive player, we didn't see the skating that he's showing now, we didn't see the confidence that he has now."

Lemaire admitted that confidence goes two ways and possibly one reason Moore didn't show it after his February trade from the Pittsburgh Penguins is because he received little feedback from the coaching staff.

"I like what I see now. It's different," Lemaire said. "If he keeps going like this, he's going to play."

Said Moore: "When you get some positive reinforcement, you know you're on the right track."

Moore could wind up between Pavol Demitra and Marian Gaborik. Not only does he have the speed to keep up, Moore finished 22nd in faceoff winning percentage last season (.526). Possession means Demitra and Gaborik can do what they do best -- generate scoring chances.

"You start the shift without the puck, it could be the difference between playing in your end or their end," Moore said.

Good luck, Dom. We're cheering for you!

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