29 September 2007

Wrapping up the pre-season

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Lehts posted a shutout last night against the Kittens. He put up 30 stops in a 1-0 home win that closed out the Thrasher's pre-season. Tomas Vokoun turned away 23 shots for the Panthers, and seriously, is it as weird to read that as it is to write it? Vokoun and Panthers is about as unnatural as Luongo and Panthers.

We know pre-season stats mean nothing, especially considering the volume of players who went through the revolving door on their way to the AHL and back to Junior. Lehts only played in 2 games, but he put up .980 with .5GAA. Look, you brag when you can, pointless or not. The first person who points out he played both games against a team that announced with a straight face that they're paying Stephen Weiss $18.6m over 6 years will... well, hell, it's not like anyone comments to this.

Given that Hartley said Their performances will dictate their playing time... well we were never all that great at math, but Lehtonen should get the start Friday night (Friday night! The season starts in less than a week! It's the most wonderful time of the year!), especially given that it's A) Against the Caps (Ding! Ding! Here comes the Shitmobile!), and B) It's the banner raising and hello, who was one of the main cogs in the assembly that brought it here? LEHTONEN.

Let Lehts Play.

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