01 October 2007

4 more sleeps

Who cares that technically NHL's begun for the Ducks and Kings? Who cares that it begins on Wednesday for many other teams. For us, and for many of our fellow fans of the A-T-L, the season doesn't begin until Friday, and really that's as it should be. No one sits in trembling anticipation of Wednesdays, ferchrissakes! But Friday, nearly everyone looks forward to Fridays! And now that anticipation is increased, oh, hundredfold. Four more sleeps until the 07-08 season begins for us. We. Can't. Wait!

Do you read other blogs and articles about hockey and the league? If you do, and like us, tend to stray to media in other markets, you may have noticed that many articles written during this pre-season, concerning the Thrashers, seem to've been written by Chicken Little. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!" they proclaimed, certain the twinge in Lehtonen's groin was indicative that his season was, if not over, at least heavily delayed. After learning of the almost-injury and writing their dire predictions, most prognosticators wandered off, forgetting of the Thrashers almost entirely, and putting them in the bottom of the league for a finish. I guess no one bothered checking the scores to see that not only did Kari play 2 consecutive games, he also stopped 58 shots. And yes yes, against the Panthers, but this is the form we want for our starting goaltender. Oh, you haven't heard?

Lehtonen will start Opening Night

Seriously, that's all you need to know. I mean, there's other stuff in there worth reading, you can go check it out on your own. But Lehts will be in his rightful place between the pipes when that banner is raised and those anthems sung, as it should be. I hope his form comes as a shock to all the writers who stopped paying attention when they heard the words "Lehtonen" and "groin strain."

Also on the subject of the Thrashers, there's a nice article in the Laval (PQ) paper about Eric Perrin finding a home in Atlanta.

Moving on to other teams:
Filthy Flyers - named Jason "Gator" Smith their captain today. Possibly the only redeeming thing they've done in many years.
Minnesota Wild - Dominic Moore dropped the gloves last night with Martin Lapointe. I know, right?! That's what I said. What the hell, Dom!

That's all we've got, really. Hey is there some sort of prize for having probably the ONLY Kari Lehtonen blog? Cause we totally nominate ourselves for it!

Oh, lastly, because it can't NOT be mentioned: Britney Spears lost custody of her kids today to ex-husband K-Fed. Or Fedtard. Also known as Cletus. Seriously, how awful of a parent do you have to be for that tool to be the responsible parent in the pairing? Think that one out, BritBrit. Oh how the mighty have fallen. To go from world's biggest star to cautionary tale in 2 short years, that's impressive. Downgrade of our generation, eh?

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