23 October 2007

Game Day Preview

So, here's the thing. Toronto has allowed the league-worst 37 goals. And Atlanta is in a tie for the league's 2nd-worst goals allowed with 36. Lehtonen's on the shelf. Heddy's probably starting. Darcy Tucker is out. Not sure who's starting for the Leafs, they'll probably flip a coin in the room right before warmups. Both teams suck on special teams so we're betting this thing might resemble a football game score before all is said and done. It'll be some entertaining hockey, that's for sure. Don't blink - you might miss a goal.


Devin "411" Howard said...

if only the game was on tv...stupid sports south...why wouldn't you travel up to the biggest market in hockey to cover your home team's away game against a team we can probably beat...oh well i like kamal and odgers anyways!!


Maal said...

Center Ice on the dish network is where it's at. In market games, both broadcasts, plus the local broadcast (if applicable). Don't worry, we'll do our best to bring you the same kind of super post-game analysis you've come to expect and mock!