23 October 2007

Salmelainen leaves Marlies

Earlier it was reported on Wharnsby's blog in the Globe and Mail:

Tony Salmelainen, a free-agent signing by the Toronto Maple Leafs over the summer, has left the AHL Toronto Marlies to return home to Finland for personal reasons. He apparently is not disgruntled with the Leafs because he has yet to be given a chance with the big club. But rather he needed a couple days back in Finland and this was a good time to fly back there because the Marlies don’t play again until their home game against the Hamilton Bulldogs on Friday evening.
Now TSN Ice Chips is reporting:
The Toronto Maple Leafs announced Tuesday that forward Tony Salmelainen has left the Toronto Marlies for personal reasons, has returned home to Finland and will not return. As a result, Salmelainen has been suspended by the Toronto Maple Leafs for failure to comply with the terms of his NHL Standard Players Contract.
And Yahoo! Sports is reporting:
Tony Salmelainen apparently has had enough of the National Hockey League. Salmelainen, who recently left the American Hockey League's Toronto Marlies and returned to his native Finland, on Tuesday was suspended by the Toronto Maple Leafs for failing to comply with the terms of his contract.

It comes off that he split because he was underutilized, huh? But word out of Finland is that his brother Tobias has been skipping Jokerit's away games lately, leading to speculation that there might be a family crisis occurring. "Things are going on with his family," general manager John Ferguson said last night, adding that "he wasn't really here long enough for us to be disappointed." Really, fuck you Toronto, for being heartless bastards. We just like saying "Fuck Toronto." Did we say "Fuck the Leafs" yet?

While his leaving the A/NHL saddens us, as we'll be far less able to watch Salmo playing live, we're glad he's heading home to a league that will appreciate him. Hopefully he can be a mid-season signing with IFK. Paljon onnea, Salmo! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and hope all is well.

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