18 October 2007

Lehtonen out with a groin strain [UPDATED!]

Kari went out at 11:30 of the first with a groin strain. He will not return.

Parane pian, Kärppä!

ETA from the Thrashers @ 2227:

Lehtonen stopped eight shots before going out with 8 1/2 minutes left in the first, having injured his troublesome groin again. A similar problem in 2005-06 sidelined the Finn for more than two months, but it wasn't immediately known how long this ailment might keep him out.
And another entry into the race comes from beat reporter Duh McNoshit at the AJC, entitled Lehtonen suffers groin injury.


Patrick Kissane said...

This was a big win for the Thrashers. They held together without Kari, they stood up to the NYR, they didn't accept any disrespect. They were looking for a big answer to the playoffs and the loss of the coach and there it is.

For the Wolves alone, I hope Kari is okay. But his absence confirmed that the team can win.

Center Ice turned the signal off immediately after the game. Was there an update on Lehtonen's condition?

Maal said...

Aside from an announcement that it is a groin strain, and they don't know if he'll make the trip to Tampa tomorrow, no, nothing. We're scouring the interwebs and nagging some people see if we can find out anything more.