18 October 2007

This is Blueland! Thrashers WIN!

5 - 3

We hope we don't eat these words later, but welcome back, Thrashers. We missed you!

04:21 -- 1-0 Atlanta (Dupuis (Larsen, Holik))
06:23 -- 2-0 Atlanta (Kozlov (Hossa, Enstrom)) - PP
30:23 -- 3-0 Atlanta (White (Perrin)) - SH
42:58 -- 4-0 Atlanta (Little (Haydar, Exelby)) - PP
49:37 -- 4-1 Atlanta
(Girardi (Jagr, Drury)) - PP
51:19 -- 5-1 Atlanta (Hossa (Kovalchuk, White)) - PP
54:07 -- 5-2 Atlanta
(Shanhan (Jagr, Rozsival))
59:00 -- 5-3 Atlanta (Gomez (Drury, Rozsival)) PP

Kari is on fire (for the first 11:30 anyway), true to the form we expect from him. The whole team seemed to be on tonight. Even when they let the Rags get set up on the PP, they didn't let them get many shots in (don't know specifics on shots). Enstrom is a beast out there.

Wow, Ex nailed Prucha. One of the best open ice hits we've seen in a while.

Photo by Johnny Crawford/AJC

And suddenly revived is the Hollweg-Exelby rivalry. What the hell is Colton Orr doing jumping into this? This is between Ex and Holly, has been for years, and needs to stay there. This little punk Orr doesn't need to be standing up for Holly. He can do that damned well by himself. But hey, right on - 4 minute minor for Orr. Two thumbs up for stupidity!
Hey heyyyy, Mac v Holly. Not much of a fight all in all - Mac got some good shots in - but with 2:40 left, it likely won't provide much of a mo-change. How did Holly not get the instigator, though? Because Mac had a penalty about to be called? Makes no sense, but hey at least this officiating is on par with the Pens/Devs game last night.

Well, we're now without Kari. For how long will remain to be seen, but definitely keep an eye on this site, as we'll updated as soon as we find anything out (and we may have to use our super secret sources for this). We've got faith in Moose, although not nearly as much as in Kari. But Moose didn't have nearly as much to prove with this game, and he's done outstanding. For us here at FWH, for many reasons, Kari's getting injured in this game is a huge disappointment - although surely not as huge a disappointment as to Kari. We're heavily reminded of the opening period of the 05-06 season, and we hate that. Although, we do love hearing MOOOOOOOOSE!

Parane pian, Kärppä!

3rd Star: Johan Hedberg
2nd Star: Pascal Dupuis
1st Star: Todd White

Congrats, Waddell. Great start!

Noteworthy: Tonight's Kovy's 134th consecutive game.

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PeteyNYR said...

Hey dipshit, that little "Punk" is one of the toughest guys in the NHL today. Af far as open ice hit, Obvious charging, Ex's feet left the ground. He can put on a good hit but can't back it up. Orr went after him for charging, not to be involved in the Hollweg-Exelby rivalry. He turtled up like the pansy he is. Trashers suck. 14th place, yay!