12 October 2007

Nothing good came from that

In the ugly glare of the light of the morning after, we only have two things to point out. Just in case you were wondering how bad that game was, this should tell you.

Kari's stats before the game:

  • .921 SV%
  • 3.08GAA
Kari's stats after the game:
  • .885 SV%
  • 4.23GAA
And the lone highlight of the game; Kovy beating the hell out of Drew Stafford. Kovy instigating the fight with Stafford. Kovy. With Stafford.

Hey, no one's addressed this so we'll ask here. During said beating, we noticed Staffy's jersey came up over his head in about a second. Are there no fight straps on the new jerseys? And if there are, why did he not get a penalty for having his unattached? Or did Kovy rip it open? It all happened so fast. But we definitely didn't see a fight strap.

We're working on getting photos of the fight, but the wire services are letting us down. Check back though!

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