29 October 2007

Oops we're back! Kari's new mask theme! Salmo update!

We lied. Turns out we won't be on hiatus! You may now shed those tears of sorrow-turned-joy.

We don't have much to report, other than there's a game tomorrow night against Montreal. But we haven't really researched it. We'd say we'll do that and then post a game day preview but we'd probably be lying. Ben over at Blueland Blog has a nice preview if you really need one, as well as some info on the lines and stuff going on at practice. Also, welcome to the Thrash blogging fold newcomer Tom, who's Talkin' About Practice. About time there was a Duluth blog! Welcome, Tom!

But!! Kari's getting his new mask soon! No more girlies on the side - this time he's going for hardcore hi-tech - Optimus Prime.

Bad. Ass. We can't wait to see it - that means hurry up and get better, Kärppä!

Also, since we last spoke, things had been left hanging in the air, re: Tony Salmelainen. According to an article on Ilta-Sanomat, Tony was contacted by the Finnish press and basically said the rumours about him signing with Lokomotiv were straight up bullshit. Although it was reported in typical Finnish tabloid way - wishy washy. So Salmo is most likely having trouble finding a team to sign him since he is coming off as money hungry. Except perhaps teams in the RSL. Irony anyone? You can read the article for yourself but it's in Finnish, so have your translator handy. We hope this means he'll be a super-late signing with IFK again, or with Jokerit, so he can play alongside his brother. But, you know, who knows what the hell he's doing at this point. Salmo, if you read this... drop a line!

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