30 October 2007

Thrash win, 3-2 (SO). Way to be, Little E!

2 - 3

You see that goal by Perrin?? You believe us yet? He's the shit. You will love him on this team if he's used properly. And BIG PROPS for a huge huge goal in his hometown arena. Way to put it up in front of the family, guy! By the way, we can call him Little E, because we're taller than he is. Just sayin'.

Then Kozzie scored and suddenly we're up by 1.

Our favourite quotes from Pierre McGuire:
  • "Atlanta is playing smart hockey."
  • "Who said Montreal-Atlanta can't be exciting?"
  • "That's how you drop the hammer. You play the puck, you don't play the man, and that's good hockey by Garnett Exelby." On the hit on Mike Ryder.
  • "This is the best defencive game we've seen Atlanta play all season."
  • Gord Miller: It's a high stick and Ken Klee looks on in disbelief. Pierre McGuire: So do I!
End of 2, Thrash have outshot the Habs 22-13. No, that's not a typo. The Thrash outshot someone. I know, right?? And um, "The Don?" Is this the new nickname for Waddell? We think we likey!

Is Hoss snakebit? It seems maybe that way. For all his shots, he's not doing shit, and that's just not like Hoss. Yah yah, Carey Price, franchise player blahblah, bullshit. Hoss is finally on his game and he can't dent the twine. This is craaaap.

We sorta stopped paying a lot of attention in the third, which is really not unlike the Thrashers usually! But what we've seen, Heddy's been a beast, the team is STILL undisciplined like mofos (what's with the fuckin' penalties?! TWO 5 on 3s in one game?! C'mon now!), and fewest shots allowed this season is pretttttty money.

Of course as we type that, Higgins scores the GTG with 1:30 left. Beauty of a play though. Again Hoss with the stopped shot with :03.2 left. We will give big props to Carey Price though. He reminds us of how good Kari was before Hartley broke his confidence.

Did Gord Miller seriously just call Tobi "Tobi-ess?"

Shootout, baby. Let's see how Mr 5-0 in the Shootout does!

Kozzie: Stopped
Plekanec: Stopped
Little: Goal
Koivu: Goal (Jesus what a deke!)
Kovalchuk: Goal
Kovalev: Stopped

We win!

Heddy's record in the shootout: 6-0

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