25 October 2007

Post-game Review


Right, so, huge hit on Hoss, Kovy hit the post, Mac let Smithson get one past Heddy after a flurry.

Whoops. Gotta work on the 5-hole, Heddy.
(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

We heard possibly our all-time favourite most ridiculous quote ever after the 1st: "If it weren't for Hedberg, the score would be a lot higher." ... wow you think? We're not rocket surgeons, but if it weren't for Hedberg, chances are pretty good the score would be about 15-0. But hey, mad props for having Perrsy as the intermission interview. He made a good point in saying they needed to be more aggressive and less reactionary. We kind of remember saying something almost exactly like that (with less of a French accent) a couple weeks ago. So hey, we're all on the same page now, awesome!

Toots with the Preds' 2nd (and his 2nd) at 14:40 and wow, what a shocker, Ex let him by. We'd say nice effort by Klee to get in there on Toots, but it was too little too late. What was that Perrsy said about being proactive? We forgot already. We aren't the only ones apparently.

The fans are were serenading Hedberg with the "you suck" song, and we hate to salt anyone's game, but you can't really say a goalie sucks when he only allows 2 in 30 minutes of play. But God do we miss seeing Kari in net. Johan seems so small and less fluid in comparison. But he's been pretty money tonight. He's in a shooting gallery and he's only allowed 2. One could almost say he's putting on a clinic. Holik said about him earlier, "That man is the most honest, hard-working guy in the business." High praise indeed.

Would we be remiss in suggesting the Thrash learn how to utilise the trap a little better?

Unfortunately, our drugs are kicking in, which is taking away all semblance of coherence (you should see how many times the backspace key has been utilised!), so we're going to just post this with the game unfinished, lay down and pass out while watching the third. Sorry for half-assing this one. Go Thrash! We'll change the score come morning.

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