25 October 2007

Game Preview & Salmelainen

So, Atlanta's 2-7-0 and Nashville is 2-6-0. Waddell isn't changing the lineup from the other night against Toronto and the team is 2-1-0 since Hartley was sacked.

Jason Arnott of the Preds says "We have a lot of soul searching to do. Until we come together as a team, we're not going to go anywhere." Except on the next roach trip, genius. Oh, and he said he is at a loss for words as to how badly the Preds are playing of late. Clearly not a total loss for words since he was able to voice those thoughts. The Predators' new theme song: I Need a Hero.

The most awesomest quote about the Preds though was this one: "I didn't expect this," Nashville coach Barry Trotz said. "We're doing a lot of talking. We need to quit the talking and just do it." Then shut up, dumbass! Am I the only one who thinks Trotz looks like the minister from Beetlejuice? Just wondering.

Since Atlanta kind of seems to be on the tiniest of streaks, we'll give them the advantage in this one. Could be another barn burner though. Or a snoozefest, depending on how hot Hedberg and... Not-Vokoun are. Wow, that must suck, being known as Not-Vokoun. Kind of like being Not-Luongo. Or Not-Brodeur. Oh well, someone has to live in the shadows of others, and at least you get some semblance of fame.

Soooo, the Globe and Mail has this little tidbit today:
Salmelainen heads to Russia
The real reason forward Tony Salmelainen left the Toronto Maple Leafs organization is that he has signed to play for Lokomotiv Yaroslavl of the Russian Super League for almost $1.5-million (U.S.).

Under the deal with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, Salmelainen will earn 650,000 euros ($930,000 U.S.) this season. If the Leafs had called him up to the NHL, the most he would have earned under his contract was $500,000.

When Salmelainen left the Leafs farm team, the Toronto Marlies, the only reason given was he did it for family reasons.

It was thought at the time he returned to his native Finland, but a source says he actually signed with the Russian club.

It's still a little unclear if this is true or not. Also? Maybe the people at G&M aren't too clear on their geography, but Finland and Russia are right next to each other, so of course, it's entirely likely he went home to Finland, then headed over to Yaroslavl (why, Tony, why?! Did Lada have no open spots?? Dynamo? Ak-Bars even?!) However, there is chatter out of Finland that someone's blowing smoke up the Globe and Mail's ass, and we've checked Lokomotiv's website and there's not even a mention of Salmo. We'll keep you updated, we know you're on the edges of your chairs awaiting the real truth behind this. OK maybe that's just us?

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