01 November 2007

Game Day Preview: ATL @ OTT


Quickest game day review ever: THEY'RE PLAYING OTTAWA! OTTAWA IS 9-1-0! C'MON NOW!

Hah, no we kid. Sort of.

We're riding a hot goalie, Hoss is stepping up his game and has produced against Ottawa in each meeting, Kovy and Kozzie are on pretty good streaks since Hartley was canned, and Little is looking amazing for a rook. Spezza is likely out with a slight groin strain, it seems Gerber (3-4-0/3.5GAA against Atlanta) will be in net tonight and not Emery*, and DeanMac might make his return to the NHL tonight.

At this point, flip a coin. We just did, and our coin said if the team can shoot around Anton "I stop pucks" Volchenkov, Thrashers by might score 1. We're checking the coin to see if it's on performance enhancing drugs though.

Stay tuned, eh?

* whoops?

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