01 November 2007

Post-game Review: Well that sucked

6 - 4

If you didn't see the game, the only thing worth trying to see was the third period, in which the Thrash apparently realised they were playing hockey and not .... what the fuck were they even doing out there? Shuffleboard? Anyway, one by Perrsy and a hatty for Kovy. With 1:23 left in the 3rd, it was 5-4 Ottawa, with the Thrash on the PP and Pavelec on the bench. 6 on 4. Figures Alfredsson ("Candy Floss") would get an empty netter to put it away.
At least the birthday boy got a goal. Congrats, Eric. Hope the boys take you out to one of the many bars in Ottawa and get you so wasted you forget this trainwreck of a game (except maybe the third period).

Also, if you didn't see, this might well have been Heddy's train of thought. Just replace "Russia" with "Sweden."

Jesus that was painful. Tampa up next to end the roadie.

Also, take note: The Thrash-Caps game will not be broadcast. Neither SportSouth in ATL nor Comcast in DC are televising it, so if you aren't in the area and can't go to the game, your only other option is to listen online.

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hehehehehehehehe CANDY FLOSS hehehehehhehe