21 November 2007

Game Day Preview

In a bold move, I'm dropping the royal 'we' in my posts, because I forget to use it half the time.

Tonight the Thrash make their first visit of the season to the Verizon ("Phone Booth") Centre in Washington DC. I was super fucking excited because it was going to be my first game of the year, alas, with the economy in the toilet, Christmas coming up, and Kari not being on the ice, I'll be watching from the comfort of my couch.

99% of the time when doing a game day preview, I extensively read up on the opponent, read all the other game day previews, check stats, and then write up my post. Except with the Kittens - because they suck. And you know what? They beat the Caps the other night. So with no review, no stat checking, and not a hell of a lot of pontification, I give you today's game day preview:

The Caps, despite whatever lead they might manage to put up, will fall apart like a drunken hooker in a confessional booth. Half the team is depressed their best drinking buddy Brian "Suds, not Suts you morons!" Sutherby has been traded to Anaheim - some because he's the most fun guy on the team, some because of straight up jealousy. I don't think there's a singe guy on this team aside from the two Sashas who knows what "clutch" means (in relation to hockey anyway), and as great as those two are, they can't carry 21 other guys on their back.

Look for the Thrash to come out flying high and making a point. They're a force to be reckoned with now. I'm working on a post about how they played to get Hartley fired, that might come later today or later next month if I forget about it, which I tend to do. Since Hartley joined the unemployment line, this has been the team to beat in the NHL. Hoss and Kovy are bringing their A-games every night, Todd White is enjoying the hell out of centering them (can you blame him?!), Perrsy's doing kicking ass and taking names, and Moose and Pavs might well be the most feared goaltending tandem in the NHL right now. Can you think of another pairing that is so consistently good? Yeah, me either.

If the boys keep it up, stay healthy, and if we can acquire some quality, veteran defencemen at the deadline, there is absolutely no question of making the playoffs. The only question will be, how far do the Thrashers go?

Thrashers by 2 tonight.

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