21 November 2007

Post-game Review: ATL @ WAS

1 - 5

Well, one thing's for damned sure. If you can make a trade for Kovy in your fantasy league, now may be the time - 4 point night. And yay Perrsy! 5th goal of the year! From Kovy, shocker. Seemed every goal tonight involved him in one way or the other.

How much do you figure Ovechkin and Semin want to get traded the fuck out of DC?

Also, I'm pretty sure Mikey Green was the only defenceman on the ice, at all, for the Caps. No wonder the Thrash were able to put up 5 - hard for just one guy to hold back Kovy, Hoss, White and Holik.

What the hell is up with neither CBS nor Yahoo having photos from tonight's game? I mean, I know Atlanta and Washington are pretty low on the priority list in terms of the hockey world, but hello - the three biggest Russian stars in the game right now, and there's not a single damned AP photographer at the game? SHENANIGANS!

Next game is Friday night back at the Lightbulb vs. Broddy and his Devils. Should be a good'un.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the yanks reading. What're you guys thankful for? I'm thankful for YOU, my faithful readers!

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Sandi said...

I have Kovy on my fantasy hockey and he is not going anywhere. I got him last year too.

I am one of your faithful readers=)

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving=)