25 November 2007

Kari headed to the Windy City

Per the AJC, Kari's been sent north for his first real taste of winter, and to get some playing time in while rehabbing with the Wolves. Per the Bargaining Agreement, Kari can spend up to two weeks with Chicago, and Waddell says he expects the tender to get 3-4 games in with the AHL affiliate. Always a master of the spin, Kari's sound bite quoth:

"It's going to be fun; I have great memories from there and great friends. Hopefully it's going to be fun and serve the purpose."

Kari had to agree to the reassignment, and for a while appeared to be hedging. Frankly, I can't blame him. The last time Kari wore the maroon and gold was in the Calder Cup Finals, when the Phantoms swept the Wolves. One could almost say it was the start of Kari's jinxed career - first the sweep, then at the start of the very next season, the pulled groin that saw him sit out a majority of the season. Perhaps revisiting old ghosts will lay them, and any jinxes following him, to rest. Laugh all you want, if there's anyone in the world more superstitious than a goalie, I'd like to know who that may be. But Kari's agreed, and here's to hoping his time in Chicago does him right, and sets him back on track to be the #1 goaltender he's destined to become.

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