16 November 2007

Looking for a cheap goalie? Today is your day!

TML, take note.

Brian Burke decided to waive Ilya ("Not shitting pants") Bryzgalov today. We can't wait to hear what Kevin Lowe has to say about this.

We'll predict Bryzr will be remain on waivers until 1930EST, if that long.

More important than how long until a team with a semblance of sanity picks Bryzr up, is what the hell does Burke have up his sleeve? He recalled Hiller from the Pirates in order to still have a backup. Bryz makes $1.36m. Hiller makes $850k. That's a difference of $510k. We don't know where the Ducks are in regards to their cap, but we'll go out on a limb and say they're freeing up some cash. Perhaps to to sign Scott ("I'm not Rob") Neidermeyer. Hey, it could happen.

Link here.

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Knotwurth Mentioning said...

Yoinked by Phoenix the next day. Then posted a big fat SO. Not bad!

And I think it's mostly salary dumping by Burke, who may have Nied back soon, with Selanne not too far behind. It'll be pretty lethal, even if their goaltending is a bit weaker!