16 November 2007

Stuff from around the league


Divine Retribution, Illustrated: Anaheim forward Todd Bertuzzi has not played since Oct. 14 because of a concussion, but took part in on-ice drills this week for the first time since the injury. Bertuzzi told the Los Angeles Times he had been symptom-free for a number of days, but was going to take small steps in order to prevent another concussion. Payback's a bitch, ain't it, Bert? Speaking of assholes, Bertuzzi's lawyer ran crying to the press this week to whine and moan because Steve Moore and his lawyers turned down a settlement offer of $350,000. If you'll recall, Moore is suing Bertuzzi for $15m. That's $15,000,000. Which is 2 more 0's than Bert's legal team offered Steve. We here at FWH also would've told Bertuzzi to go get fucked, strictly on principle, but seeing as how one of us actually has Esq following our name, we also know Steve's lawyer should've taken the offer and been happy with it. Steve, if you need a new lawyer, call us!! We will totally take your case!

Dominic Moore played his third game back last night after an abdominal strain kept him out for 12 games. His minutes are increasing exponentially, and he's currently the Wild's 2nd best faceoff man, behind Eric "I had four points last night!" Belanger. Hopefully Dom will continue to see his minutes rise, but we doubt it. In the world called "reality," we hope he'll get traded to an Eastern Conference contender come trade deadline day.

All-Star nominee Sheldon Souray has had a setback with his shoulder injury, and will not be returning to the ice any time soon, which is really a punch in the nuts for the Oil, who have two (2) veteran defenceman (Staios and Tarnstrom) followed by 5 rookies. At least Dustin "I got a 1000% raise" Penner is finally stepping it up and earning his paycheque.


Sid Crosby has quietly extended his point streak to 18 games, sliding into 2nd place for points with 28 (behind Lecavalier). Yeah, wow, right? 18 games and you hardly hear about it. Probably because the Pens are 8-10-0. Heyyyy, wait a minute! The Thrashers are also 8-10-0! Correlary, anyone, anyone? Look for Therrien to likely get the sack soon, and join Hartley in the PQ unemployment line.

Broddy can't buy his 500th win, it seems. He tried against the Isles on Saturday and was shut down, 2-1. Then he tried against the Rags Wednesday night, and was again shut down, this time 4-2. The Devils host the Isles tonight at the Rock, and hopefully he can get the win while home. He's still 51 wins behind Patrick Roy for title of "Most Winningest Goaltender in History" (wow that's such bad English), but he's more concerned with the logo on the front than the name on the back. "Right now we're a .500 team, win one, lose one. It's not fun. We had a great opportunity here with the Rangers in town to get over that hump. We just couldn't do it." Bonne chance, Broddy!

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