15 November 2007

[Not Thrash Related] Salmo indeed in Russia

Sorry it took so long. We had caught whiff of a rumour that Tony Salmelainen had signed with a club back home in Finland, alas, this was not the case.

He has indeed signed with Yaroslavl Lokomotiv (link in Russian), as reported by pretty much every sporting paper in Canada. Below is an undated photo of Tony post-game, we hope he's happier over there than he looks. At least it's only a 2-3 hour flight home to Finland from there, rather than the 15-18 hours from North America! He's only played one game so far with his new club, and was kept completely off the stat sheet. No word on TOI. Also inking a deal at the same time with Lokomotiv was Daniel Tjarnqvist, most recently of the Oilers. Daniel and Tony made their RSL debut together on 12th November.

More on this when we get to a computer that will actually display Cyrillic characters.

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