14 November 2007

Time to start voting!


Get voting, folks. Vote for whomever you feel best suited to the game, but seriously, put in at least some votes for Kari. And don't forget, Kovy, Kozzie and and Hoss are also on the ballots! Let's get our boys on the ice for our home All Star game!

We beseech you!


That's how you do it! That's how you debate! said...


Knotwurth Mentioning said...

No problem voting for Kovy, Kozzie, and Hoss (assuming their competition isn't better), but I'm not sold on Kari's role in the All-Star game yet. The talent may be there, but he hasn't shown his stuff yet, and to assume that'll change after he returns from yet another injury seems far-fetched to me!

Maal said...

You're killing me here, buddy!

While you do make an excellent point, I've also followed Kari's career long enough to have absolute blind faith in his return to form once he's healed. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but even in the season when he missed like 60 games, he almost carried the team into the playoffs. IF he can stay healthy, he WILL be one of the greatest goaltenders of our time. Of that I have absolutely no doubt, and as such, think he deserves at least a spot on the roster in the game, if not an opening spot.

Seriously, once he gets back on the ice, keep an eye on him. He'll dazzle you. Especially without the spectre of Hartley hanging over him.

Sandi said...

My first vote is for Kovy because well he is Kovy and should be there! Then Marian and Kari and Kozzie=)

robbie dee said...

i cannot believe that there's no mention of a write-in for eric perrin! OMG! :D you're lucky that i wasn't the one to dub y'all "perrin central" otherwise i would've stripped y'all of that title!

Maal said...

Darlin, there IS such a thing as REALISM. We love Perrsy, and are confident that if the rest of the hockey world paid as much attention to him as we do, then sure he'd be in the All-Star game. Dude was MVP in the AHL every year, and made the all star team every year too. Still holds records at UVM, which is a bit of an NHL factory. But he's littttttle so he doesn't get the props he deserves, other than "Marty St Louis' best friend." For what it's worth, he's got more records than Marty at UVM.