05 November 2007

We fell down on the job

6 - 4

And totally didn't write a pre- or post-game report. To be honest we missed most of the game cause there was a party over at the Fire House (you know, home of the Fire Wagon? Get it? Haha?). But this is all you need to know about the Tampa game:

Images courtesy CBS Sportsline (via ModSquad)

Ilya Kovalchuk is a god among mortals. We don't know what the stats and odds are on scoring 2 hatties in 2 games, but we're pretty sure it's damned rare. We're also pretty sure neither Ovechkin nor Crosby have done it either.

Up next, the Thrash return home to take on the (returned to natural form) Craps Caps Tuesday night. And once again, just a reminder that this game is not going to be televised, so if you want to catch it, you'll have to listen online.


Knotwurth Mentioning said...

God among mortals? Not sure about that, since the teams he's decimating are pretty weak defensively. But still, two straight hat-tricks is pretty darn impressive. Sure wish I could have a player get one this year!

Sandi said...

Kovy is just stepping to help the team get back on track again. Hopefully with Kovy's goals it will signal Hossa, Koslov and the rest now.

Maal said...

KW: Psssh. Why you gotta rain on the parade, huh? Besides, weak defences or not, how much sunshine you think'd be blown up his ass if he got one tonight too?

Sandi: Is that MY Sandi? Birthday-tomorrow-Sandi?? :) Hopefully Kovy has inspired the rest of the boys to step it up. We can hope!

Sandi said...

Yes it is Sandi=) Although worry now that Kovy left after he scored the goal tonight=( We need your Kovy!

Maal said...

Happy early birthday, babygirl!

I knoooow. He was back for the start of the 3rd, but I think he left again because they said something about "filling in for Kovy on the PP" later on. Be well, Kovy! We need you!!