06 November 2007

Another update on Lehtonen

Taken from AJC's recent article about Pavelec, which you can read in its entirety over here.

It also means the team doesn't have to rush Lehtonen back. Lehtonen said he is in the best condition of his career and looks forward to getting back into hockey shape. He's now running off the ice and is working the groin on the slide board and in the weight room.

He watched his teammates on television at home and missed being a part of the action. But with the pain easing on a daily basis, his spirits are up. The original prognosis was that he'd miss six to eight weeks after hurting his groin on Oct. 18, and there has been no indication that timetable has changed. Lehtonen was, however, reluctant to put a target date on his return.

"The great thing to see is that almost every day I feel better than I felt before," Lehtonen said. "Every day the pain is less and less and that's great."

Beyond great, Lehts. Take your time and heal, but we can't wait to have you back! In the interim, Pavelec and Heddy got this.

In sadder news which shouldn't surprise us but does, Lehtonen is not on the All-Star ballot this year. Write him in, folks. Let's get our star netminder back to the All-Star game again!

Game day preview later. But we can tell you right now to place your bets on the Thrash.

Also, we should have an update for you on Tony Salmelainen. We're waiting for verification on something before we run with it, but if it's true, it's great news. We know you're holding your breath in anticipation - try not to pass out, if we can we'll have it up today.

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