13 December 2007

20% off at NHL.com 1900-0000, tonight only!

Not that I have any money to spend, but you might! If so, and if you still haven't gotten that jersey yet for your special someone (you know your mom would look awesome in one!), NHL.com's ready to hook you up. 20% off the entire store, tonight only, from 1900-0000* (EST). Click the image for linkage.

And before you ask if this means I'm adding advertising - no. I'm not. I actually got this in an email and thought I should share it, because with 20% off, now NHL.com's prices are like, close to reasonable! Anyway, buy something nice for your friends and family.

* If you do not know military time, please leave my blog immediately, and do not return until you know what time 0000 is. Thanks.

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