14 December 2007

Thrashers and kids - redefining "cute"

Blatantly ripped from the Thrashers website, but so god damned cute, it was impossible to resist.

The Thrashers hosted a special Home for the Holidays party on Monday, 10 December, at Phillips Arena for 75 children for the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, and SafeHouse Outreach. Please click either of the links if you would like to volunteer your services, or even make a donation. Every little bit helps!

All photos by Colby Kidd.

Popovic has a laugh while his new buddy eyes his sugary treat.

Nic Havelid demonstrates his cupcake skillz.

Boulton sees what you did there.

Kovy scores on Kozzie, something you'll probably never read again.

Who knows what's going on? But Kovy's smiling, so all is right with the world.

Kari: What? Oh, I couldn't possibly have another bite... Well okay. But just one!

Ex: Dude! I made a cupcake! With a face! How cool am I?
Cute kid: You're nuts, bro. You gonna eat that?

White explains the secrets of cupcake decorating.

Perrsy makes friends every-damned-where he goes.

Shortly after this photo, one kid nailed Slats in the head with the dodgeball, à la Calvin & Hobbes. Sadly, there are no photos.

Heddy and Tobi show off their Ikea-inspired minimalistic cookie decorating skills.

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