21 December 2007

I gotcher photos right here! And some article snippets

Photos! Get yer photos! Red hot, right off the wire! As always, click little for wallpaper-sized!

OK, not our guy, but wow, what a great shot.

Slats throwin' down on some guy I'd never heard of before.

Wade Redden squishing Eric Perrin. Dude, he's little! Back off!

Snippet on Perrsy from the AJC:
PERRIN EXTENDS RECORD: Eric Perrin's assist during Tampa Bay's power play on Tuesday extended his franchise record for short-handed assists to six, and the forward is now second in the league with six short-handed points.

He's been a big part of the Thrashers' turnaround on the penalty kill, which is no longer last in the league. In fact, there are now three teams in the league below the Thrashers as they continue to move up the list.

Entering Thursday's game, the PK had killed 36 of its past 39 opposing power plays.

"I think in general, we're doing such a great job of being aggressive, not giving them any time to think or make a pass," Perrin said.

Ko-VY! Ko-VY! Ko-VY!

The hero of the night, Mr. Kari "I don't know" Lehtonen

And another from the AJC:

Last season, Kari Lehtonen took his game to another level when his parents visited from Finland. His brother Kimmo is now visiting with a friend. They arrived on the 13th.

So does the goalie play as well in front of his brother as he does other family members?

"It's been better than last year; I think I went 0-5 when he was here for three weeks," Lehtonen said. "Now, I guess I'm 1-1. Hopefully I can make it a winning record."

I'm hoping to get Kari's post-game interview up soon, but it could be a little while. If nothing else, I can get it in MP3 format, but if anyone has it, or has a link to it, please let me know. Could he be any more poker-faced and dead-pan?

All of the following images are by photographer extraordinaire, Scott Cunningham.

Up next, Les Habitants. They squashed the Caps last night, and Carey Price seems to look pretty comfortable in net there. I'll put up the GDP (game day preview people, not gross domestic product) tomorrow. Probably. If there's no incidents with the Christmas shopping.

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