20 December 2007

THAT is how you play Thrashers hockey, boys!

3 - 2

I don't even know how to find the words right now. That was the best hockey game I've seen all season, better even than Flyers/Pens.

THAT is the Kari Lehtonen I've been telling y'all about. Believe me now? Doesn't matter if you do or not, because it appears Kari is once again believing in himself, and I can't imagine a better Christmas present in the world.

Thank you, Thrashers, from the bottom of my heart, for being your best, and for shutting down the Sens, and ending their streak.

Wake up, NHL. The Thrashers are here, and they're ready for you.

More later when I can form a somewhat coherent thought beyond OMGBLUELAND!

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