10 December 2007

Marian Hossa is here to help

We here at Fire Wagon Hockey know that there is more to being a player than just what you do on the ice, it's what you do in the community that counts, as well. That's why we'd like to take a minute to salute this week's Fire Wagon Hockey Thrashers Community Hero, Marian Hossa, for his tireless work in the greater Atlanta community getting people to ackowledge players other than Ilya Kovalchuk actually exist. Judging by the completely baffled and disinterested expessions on the faces of their young charges, Hossa and teammate Ondrej Pavelec were unsuccessful in their campaign (as well as their efforts to convince the children "Ondrej" was the name of a human and not a flesh eating bacteria) but nonetheless - Marian Hossa - for your work getting the community to acknowledge your existence, WE SALUTE YOU.

"Listen up! For the last time!! It's MARIAN!! Not Ilya!! .......what?? It is NOT a girl's name!! Is not!! IS NOT IS NOT IS NOT!!!......... No you shut up!! .............NO, YOU!"


Maal said...

Heh! "Oh lookie not kari" kills me.

You know that's like, the conversation he had with those little girls pretty much VERBATIM.

Sounds Like A Sexy Hamburger said...


I know. Word on the street is it degenerated into a hair pulling contest.

Marian lost:(

Maal said...

Hoss is best at teabagging. He has no frame of reference for hairpulling and I'd bet those girls are champs.

Also? Is there ANYTHING to do in Atlanta that doesn't involve the aquarium?