12 December 2007

Pens/Flyers recap. Also, change of format?

Maybe a change of format coming here soon. I love the Thrash but I love hockey as a whole, so I might soon be flipping this from Thrash-centric to NHL on the whole. Because seriously, what writer DIDN'T want to write about last night's Pens/Flyers game?! Good thing the Thrashers don't give out press passes to bloggers, eh? They'd be yanking mine right back, hah!

Onto Pens/Flyers.

Any game that starts with Gator beating the shit out of a guy nicknamed Bugsy, well, that's one to keep watching. In case you missed it:

In the meantime, here's Sid Crosby screaming like a little girl (note: I love Sid, but doesn't it look like he's bitching out?!):

And look, not that Triz or I brag much, but we totally deserve to today. FRIEND OF FWH, JOFF "How's Pitkanen working out for ya, KLowe?" LUPUL PUT UP 6 POINTS LAST NIGHT! First time in over 10 years a Flyer has done that, the last being Eric "Which way did that truck go?" Lindros. Here is one of Looper's many goals:

And lastly, cause I gotta show the Gator love... Here's Captain Smith with RJ "I'm FROM Pittsburgh, BITCHES! WHAT NOW?!" Umberger, after one of RJ's 920382093 goals as well:

If anyone's got any shots of Gator's fight with Bugsy, SEND THEM MY WAY!

And if this doesn't speak of one of the best NHL games in a long time, you don't know what the fuck you're looking at.

Thrashers by 1 tonight, Johan in nets, look for at least 2 by Kovy.

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