13 December 2007

NHL Recap in Photos: 12.12.07

Eastern Conference ScoresWestern Conference Scores

All photos courtesy ModSquadHockey and CBSSportsline.

Marc "I should know better" Savard learns why you don't fuck with Kovy.

Got a little Captain in ya?

Heater makes Cammybear his bitch.

Mike Fisher, kicking ass. This is so full of win, I had to post the video, too!

Looks like Orr is winning right? Brash came back and beat his ass.

While we're on the subject of Brash...
...thanks to CapsChick of View from the Cheap Seats for this AWESOME pic of Brash wearing the Caps' giveaway 80s red mullet wig (mocking Puffnuts, of course) during warmups last night!

Main Entry:1clutch
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English clucchen, from Old English clyccan
Date: 1944

Corey Perry make ya... Jump! Jump!

Khabi kicking Khabi not shitting pants.

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