12 December 2007

The Wrecking Ball hits the A-T-L

Not unlike how Kevin Lowe must be, Ray Shero's probably punching himself in the balls tonight after seeing Recchi put 2 up (so far) in his debut with the Thrash. I didn't recognise Rex without the facial hair, but it doesn't matter since he recognised the net behind Auld. I'm loving Rex and Perrsy together on a line.

Thank you to the beautiful and talented Kaatiya for the photo!

Props to Hoss for jumping to Kovy's defence after Stewart knee'd him. How tough is Ilya? He's back out on the ice 2 shifts later. You don't know from tough until you play through the pain.

Hey check it out - fire wagon hockey with the 4-on-3. You ever wonder what fire wagon hockey was? This is it, baby. I'm off to watch. Let's go Thrash!

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