05 December 2007

Off by half, but still picked the winner

4 - 3

Dear Andy Sutton,
Was your dad's presence prompting you to be a pain in the ass tonight or what?

In case you live in the Atlanta market and didn't get to see the game via the NYI feed, the Isles are in the middle of Dad week. 37 fathers and supporters were in attendance for the 2nd game of four, and god damn if Suts wasn't all over the place, blocking shots, playing goalie when Dippy wandered too far, almost scoring on his OMGBFF Kari.

And yeah, I'll take a couple hits. Kari not only did not debut his Optimus Prime mask tonight (what the hell, Kärppä?) but he also didn't play like the beast he is. He had moments of brilliance, but unfortunately they were only moments, not an entire game. But he got the win in the shootout, and that's what matters.

From Yahoo! Sports: "
The Atlanta Thrashers overcome nine wasted power plays to beat the Islanders 4-3 in a shootout Wednesday night, handing New York its fourth straight loss." Are power plays considered wasted when you notch 2 shorties? Just wondering. Goals came from the (mostly) usual suspects - Kovy, Hoss (shorthanded, goal of the game IMO), Dupuis (with another shorty on a gorgeous move from Perrsy who drew all 3 Isles forwards to him in the corner then threaded it right to Dupuis' tape, and he put it over Dippy's shoulder), and Kozzie. God damn do I love Perrin. He is such an amazing play-maker.

Shorty! Not you, Hoss. The goal.

No goal, frownie.


Awesome 'do, Lehts!

Randomly, Tobi Enstrom was named the NHL's Rookie of the Month for November. Who didn't see that coming? Congrats!

Even more randomly, today in history: In 1933, Congress voted to repeal Prohibition. So crack a cold one and tip it back in honour of the Thrashers' win, and return to .500 hockey.

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