05 December 2007

We just can't let well enough alone

From my darling non-sexual soulmate formerly known as "How you do," team blogger on Firewagon who can't ever log into anything, but just emails me things, who can't stick to one damned name (but you may recall her Sabres blog over yonder). I shall henceforth refer to her as Triz. Probably because, you know, that's her name. Anyhow, I had to share this with y'all because isn't making fun of Greg "Nepotism RULES" Campbell and the Panthers like a national pastime nowadays?

Tonight I will be working, INSTEAD OF GOING DOWN TO MIAMI, as I had almost very nearly like camethisclose to doing, to see a marquee matchup of titantic magnitude. Dany Heatley, famous for scoring spectacular highlight reel worthy goals and making text book perfect passes, vs. Gregory Campbell, famous for being forced to figuratively fellate Marian Hossa and Ilya Kovalchuk during the last Atlanta-Florida matchup, being the player being scored ON in highlight reel goals, and making text-book perfect blunders with every shift.
See? Relevance. She mentioned Kovy! Coming up later, an actual game day preview with stats and all that other good shit that makes them game day previews rather than predictions and lines. But until then: Thrashers by 2.

Also, Kari should be debuting his Optimus Prime mask tonight at Blueland. I know y'all're just as excited as I am about this. And when I say excited, I mean it better not be the damned highlight of the game.


Sounds Like A Sexy Hamburger said...


also I am full of the FAIL at the contributions, I am the Steve Montador of boggers, essentially useless

Maal said...

That might be the greatest typo in the history of evar! STEVE MONTADOR OF BOOGERS! Ahahaha. I know you wrote boggers, stfu.

Montador blogs? He's literate? Wow. Who knew?