30 December 2007

Post game snippet: ATL v BOS

5 - 0

I'm just now watching last night's game, even though I know the end result. And can I just say I pretty much hate the NESN guys? If they were my broadcasters on a regular basis, I think I would mute the games and listen on the radio. The Brick guy? Andy someone? I've hated this dude since he did WJCs like 4 years ago. I don't know what it is but he works my last damned nerve, and thank god the game is back on SportSouth tomorrow.

But I'm digresing, this is possibly the best illustration evar on how to set a jinx, by Rob Simpson (NESN) pre-game:
"An entertaining statistical sidebar tonight. Barring a Thrashers shutout, which we don't expect this evening, the next Bruin to score will score the 18,000th goal in Bruin's history."
Thanks for pretty much ensuring Kari's second shutout of the season.

Dude, can you say that same thing again tomorrow? That would be super.

Other noteables about the game: Kovy put up his league-leading 32nd goal of the year, and Colin Stuart, recalled from Chicago, played against brother Mark Stuart.

Remember, tomorrow's game is a matinee (1300 start time), so if you have to work (like me), set the TiVo, set the VCR, tune in on the computer from work. I'll try to do a pre-game tomorrow. Cause, you know, I'll be at work. With nothing to do.

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